Project Description

Update due to Covid-19

Given the risk due to the global pandemic, this event is postponed to April 2021. Stay tuned for updates !

However you can already get your tickets!

One of the biggest event of Spring 2020 for us : the first HOLDBART Climate Conference !

The Copenhagen Climate Days, biggest climate forum of its kind,  is a 3 days festival on the 23-25 April 10-12 September 2020 ! Panel debate, workshops, conferences, hackathon, etc. The only limit of what can happen is your imagination! You will be able to interact with industry representatives, start-up leaders, young talents and plenty of others. The goal is to target fundamental subjects about sustainability and how to reach them through concrete action !

Maybe you are telling yourself, “Do we really more talking?”, well you are right, we don’t. That is why the master word of the Holdbart Festival is ACTION ! All interventions will deal with and/or present concrete solutions that people are developing to find sustainable solutions to our society issues.

And to make it happen it requires a lot of people ! So if you are interested of knowing more and potentially get involved, feel free to contact us !

If you want more information about what is going to happen and realise how big it is, visit the official HOLDBART website !

Tickets are already available! Check the form at the end of the page!

First meeting with the Holdbart team. Getting to know potential people involved and visit of the facilities!

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