Zagalo is exchange at DTU, and hails from Lisbon, Portugal, which he regards as “the most beautiful city in the world”. As part of his master’s thesis in Plant Biotechnology, he is working with fragrant mosses at DTU Bioengineering and making your next favorite perfume.

As the marketing manager in SDG Student Ambassadors DK, he is keen on spreading the word of the SDGs in our online platforms, and develop his skills in graphic design. He’s always seeking knowledge, inspiring new ideas and thinks that a day without learning or creating is a day wasted.
This is why his favorite SDG is 9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure.

He’s currently working hard on Holdbart – Copenhagen Climate Conference – it will be interesting and like nothing you’ve seen before, so be sure to join!

Did you know that he writes lyrics and poetry, and recently started playing volleyball at DTU? Sports are not his best asset, but he likes to compliment volleyball practice with skateboarding, but only wished that skateboards were as versatile as bikes since he can’t ride a bike!

You can find him on Social Media, around DTU or at our workshops, where he would probably like to hear your craziest ideas and tell a little more about his!

Some cool facts about Zagalo:

🖋️ He regularly posts poetry on his blog !

🚴‍♂️ Although living in Denmark, he cannot yet ride a bike ! But he’s  learning !