Thibault Touzain

Website Guru

Thibault comes from Nice in south France, moved to Switzerland to start an engineer degree in Environmental Engineering and is now on exchange at DTU! He does plenty of things, among them Ultimate Frisbee and Rugby at DTU! Running, climbing, hiking, swimming, jumping, rolling as long as you move, Thibault is in!

Spending quality time with friends is also obviously part of it and this is one of the reasons he joined SDG Student Ambassadors DK : meeting new awesome people who, like him, really want to make a difference in this world by acting!

He is in charge of this website so if you have any comment, feedback, questions or even suggestions, contact him!

Some cool facts about Thibault:
Martial Arts Uniform on Apple iOS 13.3 He is Judo Black Belt.

🥦  He never buys any food and feeds only from dumpster diving!