Asbjørn Clod Pedersen


Meet Asbjørn Clod Pedersen, our new Chairperson!

He studies Physics and Nanotechnology at DTU and is currently writing his bachelor thesis on fusion energy. He hopes to one day contribute to the green transition of the energy sector.

As our chairperson his main responsibility is to represent the organisation. If you want to know anything about the organization, you can always contact him. Also, he keeps an overview of everything happening internally in the organisation and is responsible for planning internal meetings and monthly SDG Workshops.

Asbjørn has a great love for the outdoors and often spend his holidays out in the mountains.
Did you know that Asbjørn also loves being creative? He has played the piano for many years, and recently started making wooden sculptures! You can reach Asbjørn by writing to, adding him on social media or of cause by showing up to one of our future exciting events.

Some cool facts about Asbjørn:

:musical_keyboard:     He has played piano for many years.

He makes wooden sculptures!