Meet the members and board for spring 2020!

Autumn 2020 Board

Alessandro Pronat - Chairperson
Steering our boat!
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Anna Lia S. Tromer Dragsdahl - Vice-Chairwoman
You will often hear her yelling :"jeżeli coś się bardzo, bardzo chce, to się uda!". Don't worry it's actually nice!
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Rune Højlund - Treasurer
Money is life and believe me... Rune loves life!
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Jesus Blázquez Mulas - Project Coordinator
Although he does not walk on water, he does plenty or other miracles for us!
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Mikkel Christiansen - Marketing Manager
Mikkel is behind our social media - be nice replying to our stories!
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Maria Neiiendam – Local Ambassador (DTU)
If you're studying at DTU, you can be sure that Maria will find you and introduce to exiting world of SDG Student Ambassadors!
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Randi Malene Hjartåker - Local Ambassador
Enthusiastic SDG promoter, created own startup!
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Piotr Kargul - Website Guru
Urban planner who also do magic with our website
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