Karthik Deva

Vice-chair of the Board

Meet Karthik who just started his Masters in Advanced Materials and Healthcare engineering at Danmarks Tekniske Universitet – DTU.
As the vice chair Karthik’s main responsibility is representing the organisation together with the chairperson. He also communicates with our ambassadors and partners, hosts workshops, & ensures the organisation reaches its targets. Though he wishes to witness all the Sustainable Development Goals realised by 2030, he is immensely passionate about SDG 3, 4, 5 and 10. Free healthcare and education for all the world’s citizens, reducing inequalities & discrimination are some goals he holds close to heart.
He hopes that he can help bring more attention to SDG on his current term as the vice-chair & keep the organisation afloat during the trying COVID times.
He loves cycling, reading & cooking. He also enjoys watching MCU/DC films, so don’t hesitate sharing crazy fan theories with him.
You can reach Karthik by writing to vicechair@sdgstudentambassadors.org or visit one of our frequent meet-ups to say Hi!.