Jesus Blázquez Mulas

Project Coordinator

Meet Jesus Blázquez Mulas – our project coordinator for the third time in a row.
He is at the end of his master in Civil Engineering  at Danmarks Tekniske Universitet – DTU, he is immersed in his master thesis, in which he is investigating how to develop abandoned buildings with a sustainable approach.

His responsibility as a project coordinator is to keep the projects on schedule, frame your ideas in order to develop them and keeps you updated with all the events. Also, he connects the project managers with key stakeholders to guarantee the success of the events. He has been the project manager of the Free Plastic Campus event, which gathered students, DTU agents and the Netto sales director. Even if he is busy, you can get in touch with him and propose new ideas, he will find a spot in our calendar to develop them. He loves to cooperate with people and develop new connections, obviously, his goal is nr. 17 “Partnerships to achieve the Goals”.

Did you know that Jesus has hand drawings skills 🎨 and he will start selling his art pieces? He also plays Volleyball 🏐, and often gets lost in a forest next to a lake. He has strong Spanish roots even though he has been living in the Scandinavian countries since 2017, he loves to get unplanned Friday wine or beer.

You can reach Jesus by coming to our future events, adding him on social media or by writing to! ✏️