Konstantinos Athanasiou

Local Ambassador at Copenhagen Business School

Konstantinos – or Dinos for short –  studies Sustainable Energy at DTU, coming with a background in Environmental Engineering. Some of his main topics of interest are the decarbonisation of the power sector and exploring the impact of integrating renewable energy resources in energy markets.

Part of his actions with SDG Student Ambassadors is spreading awareness regarding the Sustainable Development Goals through events, talks, workshops etc. and approach – engage students to join our organisation, aiming to a broader and multi-targeting action/operation planning. According to his words, technology self-standing is not sufficient to reach the Sustainable Goals, therefore, we are in need of sustainable behaviours, habits and way-of-thinking.

Some of the other things that Konstantinos is good at are basketball and chess, and if you want to test your skills or want to talk to him about it, Feel free to reach out to him via email at cbs@sdgstudentambassadors.org