Meet the members and board for spring 2020!

 Spring 2020 Board

Asbjørn Clod Pedersen - Chairperson
Holy is his reign and he loves his subjects.
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Anna Lia S. Tromer Dragsdahl - Vice-Chairwoman
You will often hear her yelling :"jeżeli coś się bardzo, bardzo chce, to się uda!". Don't worry it's actually nice!
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Rune Højlund - Treasurer
Money is life and believe me... Rune loves life!
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João Zagalo - Marketing Manager
Controlling social media, Zagalo knows more about your life than you actually do.
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Jesus Blázquez Mulas - Project Coordinator
Although he does not walk on water, he does plenty or other miracles for us!
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Thibault Touzain - Website Guru
It is usually not advised to trust someone who calls himself a "Guru"...
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João Antonio Møller - Local Ambassador (AAU)
Future Environment Minister of Denmark, you want to have him as a friend, it could be useful!
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Michelle Mi Taagaard - Local Ambassador (CBS)
I guess you know Mi? No, I mean not me, MI! Whatever...
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William Vergo - Local Ambassador (DTU)
If you are from DTU, his job is to drag you to our events. With as much consent as possible...
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