Project Description

Wednesday, 3 March 2021 at 17:15

We’ve invited our guest-speaker Marina Pieroni, PhD from DTU on Circular economy and Product/Service Systems, to present how manufacturing companies can contribute to a circular economy. During the talk, we took a deep dive into how changing the way we produce, consume and use products can save us from living in a globe piled up with garbage, waste and pollution.

The SDG Talk is highly relevant for all study lines, as it will have an interactive format where you’ll be introduced to how manufacturers from varied sectors are embracing circular economy via business model innovation, by changing the core of their offerings. You will get information on how the tool Circular Economy Business Modeling Expert System, which emerged as a result of her PhD, can guide and advise the design, evaluation and implementation of Circular Economy Business Models within companies, start-ups, and even bachelor/master project ideas.