Project Description

Wednesday, 28 April 2021 at 17:15

Wondering how a billion-dollar international business strives for sustainability?
Then join our upcoming SDG Talk where Trine Pondal, Head of Sustainability at Flying Tiger Copenhagen approaches the topic. Trine Pondal has worked passionately with formulating sustainability strategies for various companies during the last 10 years, and is, therefore, highly skilled in how sustainability strategies can be shared internally and externally in the corporate world. Trine Pondal will also share how different approaches and cultures impact the understanding of sustainability, which is an important topic when working in an international market.
So listen in, and engage in creating our common sustainable future!

The SDG Talk is highly relevant for all study lines, as it will have an interactive format where you will gain more knowledge on sustainable strategies and have the possibility to ask questions on how to incorporate sustainability into your own studies. Also, you can learn how the current sustainable thinking is in companies and get ready for your future career after your studies.

Join SDG TALK on Zoom