Project Description

4th of November we held an exciting SDG Talk, where our guest-speaker Mia Heide, industrial PhD at DTU Management and NIRAS, presented how absolute sustainability can be combined with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). During the talk we’ve also deep dived into how to make the SDGs operational within the Danish building industry and how sustainability can be measured on a more fixed scale 🏢📈📉

This SDG Talk was highly relevant for all study lines, as it have had an interactive format where students were introduced to a broad perspective of sustainability and got insight into the latest planetary research. Concrete examples of how students can target their study towards accommodating the SDGs were presented, including how anyone during their studies can make projects that enhance sustainability in collaboration with companies in Denmark 📚🎓
SDG Talk is our recurring event, where invited guests present their work and take on sustainability topics.