Project Description

To promote sustainable actions during these times of a pandemic we are launching a new event: The SDG Giveaway!

The principle is very simple: you can participate in the competition by sharing any sustainable action that you are implementing in your life in order to win a sustainable product from a company we choose to promote. This can be anything, your imagination is the only limit!

We are so happy to present, that we’ve partnered up with Netcompany! It’s an international IT consultancy company also based in Copenhagen. In their activities they work hard to promote the SDGs (you can have a look at their ESG Report 2019). Their main focus is on SDG 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 12, 16 and 17. They wish to be even more engaged in reaching the SDGs and therefore they’ve partnered up with us on this SDG Giveaway. It has also enabled us to purchase a wonderful sustainable product for you to win! Thanks to them!

The prize for this SDG Giveaway is a bluetooth speaker from the brand House of Marley! It was created in collaboration with the Marley Family to continue the legacy of the famous singer Bob Marley to spread good music and love for the Earth and people. They do that by selling high standard musical products such as headphones or speakers with high quality material and a specific care about the sustainability of the life cycle of their products. The money raised by the sells helps to finance the Project Marley, which gathers initiatives of reforestation and ocean preservation. E.g. the purchase of the No Bounds Sport bluetooth speaker has helped plant one tree and is made from recycled materials.

So we thought it would be an amazing prize to win! This both provides you with a high quality music product and finances sustainable initiatives.

Practical features of the competition

Who can participate?

You can participate if you can document that you are currently studying at a higher learning institution (university etc.) in Denmark. You’ll also need a Danish address or be able to pick up the prize near Copenhagen.


The competition starts the 28th of May and deadline for submissions is the 18th of June!

Submitting your action

  • You can submit your action as a picture, video, drawing, or similar graphical content
  • Add a short written description of your action to your submission

Where do I submit?

  • The main place for submission will be a comment on our Facebook post
  • You can also tag us on Instagram (@sdgstudentambassadors) and put the hashtag #sdgstudents
  • If you do not have Facebook or Instagram, you can submit your action by email to us at

What are the judging criteria?

  • Innovativeness: How innovative and unique is your sustainable action?
  • Reach: How many people to you reach and/or include with your sustainable action?
  • Impact: Does your sustainable action have a big impact?

Who are the judges?

  • A Netcompany representative and three selected members of the board of SDG Student Ambassadors DK

Thus a big thank you to Netcompany, especially Louise Grosen, and our SDG Student Ambassadors, Thibault Touzain, William Vergo and Anna Lia S. Tromer Dragsdahl, for working hard on realising this SDG Giveaway!