Project Description

7th of November was a date for our next exciting event, or more precisely an engaging day, where students were invited to join a productive SDG workshop organised with our partner Sustainify.
Agenda briefly touched upon what the SDGs are, looked at what the targets actually mean, and finally most of our time were spent on performing a “SDG check” on the largest Nordic companies. Guided by Sustainify, who are experts within CSR, we’ve researched which SDGs these companies claim to work towards, and which they seem to just mention for the sake of marketing.
Event was held at Station, our partner, which has invited us to use their awesome facilities for this those activities.
If you attended an event or this description seem interesting, stay tuned! We’re continuing a partnership with Sustainify and more activities are planned. You’re welcome to join us and work together to do further research on a specific company and its advancement within reaching the SDGs. Maybe you’ll even get the opportunity to help some companies to reach them!