Project Description

Every year, about 8 million tons of plastic waste escape into the oceans from coastal nations. That is five garbage bags full of trash on every foot (~30cm) of coastline around the world (National Geographic). It is mainly due to plastic waste mismanagement as a consequence of the crazy increase of plastic production worldwide in the past decades. All over the world, more and more communities and officials have a strong will to tackle this issue by preventing plastic use when possible and make its use more sustainable.

Therefore, SDG Student Ambassadors Denmark also decided to act on campus ! The goal of the evening was to create strategy making and trigger interesting discussions to support plastic waste reduction on campus. For that we were joined by the Sales Operations Director of Netto who shared its insights on the subject.

The best ideas from the workshop were presented to Danmarks Tekniske Universitet – DTU and it was discussed how to best implement them on campus.

Thanks a lot to all participants or this great evening ! Especially big thank to the organisers, namely :
  •  Project Manager : Jesus Blázquez
  • Autumn 2019 Chairwoman : Anna Lia Scharling Tromer Dragsdahl
  • SDG Student Ambassadors : Lukas Shinzel ; Eleftheria Papadopoulou ; Victoria Olmos ; Yoshiko Suzuki