Project Description

Every semester, SDG Student Ambassadors DK is part of the PF Master Introduction Week at The Technical University of Denmark. One of the days the new students have the opportunity to pick three workshops in the morning, and lucky are the ones who take the perfect choice of going to the SDG Workshop (we’ve got an unbiased oppinion for sure…)!

In August 2019 João and Anna Lia presented and ran the workshop to big success!

Over the three morning sessions, about 130 students were introduced to the concept of the SDGs. We looked into questions like “What are the SDGs?” “Why were they created?” and “How can you use them?”

You learn through play, so of course we engaged in interactive activities to highlight some crucial challenges of our society. Didactic, but fun! The activities were based on the two questions:

What would you do to destroy the world as fast as possible?

What would you do to save the world from its undeniable collapse?