Project Description

The General Assembly of SDG Student Ambassadors Denmark will happen on 13th October 2021.

It is the most important meeting of the year as we welcome the newcomers interested by our organisations but also a new board is elected for the semester. As usual we will present the organisation, how it works and how amazing it is to be a part of it. There will be some highlights about what happened the past year and a presentation of the objectives for the time to come.

If you wish to join as a ordinary member, board member or local ambassador, join us on this Wednesday!
Feel free to indicate your presence by attending the Facebook event as well.

Join SDG Student Ambassadors!

If you are interested by joining the adventure, you can look at the board role description and maybe apply for one. During this General Assembly you have a chance to apply for the following positions:

The Chairperson should know what is happening in the organisation (general overview). She or he will have a close relationship to our partners and create more partnerships. The Chairperson is responsible for organising the monthly SDG workshops as well as the board meetings. In the unfortunate case a board member resigns, the Chairperson must help find a replacement. She or he has to keep track of all communication channels together with the Vice Chairperson (Facebook, Instagram, e-mail). The Chairperson is an authorised signatory.

The Vice-Chairperson is the right hand of the Chairperson and needs to be ready to take over in hers or his place if necessary. Good contact with the Chairperson is a must. She or he has to keep track of the communication channels as well. In the unfortunate case a board member resigns, the Vice Chairperson must help find a replacement and manage the role of the resignee until a replacement is found. The Vice Chairperson is an authorized signatory.

The Treasurer is the official figure responsible for the organisation’s accounting and for running the treasury of the organisation. She or he is also responsible for applying for funds and for the communication with DTU Skylab and anyone who funds us. The Treasurer is an authorized signatory. The treasurer is also responsible for collecting member fees.

The role of the Marketing Manager is to keep an overview of and update physical materials. He/she must have an overview of the social media posts, update the organisation’s Instagram and LinkedIn account, answer incoming Facebook messages and create and schedule the launch of Facebook events and posts. Close communication with the Event Coordinator is essential.  

Each learning institution our members represent should have a Local Ambassador. They will make sure students at their university are engaged in the organisation and have the “community feeling” we need. The Local Ambassador is the main contact between the given university and the organisation, and if we have a meeting at their university, they should help the Chairperson with choosing, booking and coordinating the facilities.