Project Description

DTU hosted an important event in August 2020 with the main theme being “Let’s reopen a sustainable society”. Unless you lived in a cave for the last year, you know that Covid-19 forced our society into an unpleasant imbalance. It challenged our way of living, consumption of and relationship to our environment. Now, the question of integrating our society into a sustainable loop within our environment is not only the matter of few forewarned scientists, but became an evidence for all who think seriously about building durable.

The goal of DTU is clear: “To accelerate a transition into a Post Covid-19 sustainable circular society.”

It was a two parts event:

  • Kick-off Webinar (13th of August 2020): How can universities support a re-opening of a sustainable circular society?
  • Virtual Innovation Sprint (27 – 30 August 2020): 4 challenge tracks – one mission: Let’s re-open a sustainable circular society!

Check out the website of the event for more info!

Thank you to our wonderful ambassadors:

William Vergo – as the event-go-to person during the event, William demonstrated a unique willingness and dedication to solve any challenges. He quickly attained new skills and put them to the best use, which the event gained greatly by!

Jesus Blazquez Mulas – as mentor coordinator during the event, Jesus came with a great energy every day and drew on his experience to give valuable input to the virtual innovation sprint. He was a great attribution to the team.

Anna Lia S. Tromer Dragsdahl – as a mentor coordinator during the event, Anna Lia  demonstrated an extraordinary level of commitment and approached her tasks with a professional and sympathetic manner aiding participants and high-level business professionals.